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Toyota hilux diesel fuel pump problems

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To Save cars from your search results or vehicle pages you must first login. To Save a search to find the cars you like quickly you must first login. Toyota has recalled seven of its most popular models for a potential fuel pump failure that could leave drivers stranded, or in a worst-case scenario see them lose power while driving.

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The long-discontinued Toyota FJ Cruiser is also involved in the recall, and all cars affected were built over the period between and The most heavily affected model is the Toyota Kluger large SUV, with 22, vehicles from that nameplate now subject to the recall making it account for half of the entire recall campaign.

The least affected is the series Landcruiser, with just vehicles involved in the recall. Symptoms of the problem include the engine not running smoothly, the engine being unable to be restarted and the engine possibly stopping while driving. The company says vehicles are safe to drive for now, but if any symptoms of a fuel pump issue begin to present themselves owners should stop driving and get in contact with Toyota.

So far there are no known cases of drivers becoming stranded due to the fuel pump problem. The DPF problem which sees the vehicle's particulate filter clog up and cause large amounts of soot to exit the exhaust has resulted in a class action lawsuitwhile Toyota is also conducting a campaign to bring affected cars in for new engine control software and DPF regenerations.

Toyota sued over quality concerns for its most popular models. By Tim Robson 01 Aug Lawsuit lodged in federal court could involve up toToyotas including the HiLux and Prado. Toyota owners hit with EPA notices for smoky diesels. By David Bonnici and Tim Toyota Landcruiser Prado sidelined by fuel leak fault. By Tristan Tancredi 09 Oct It's one of Toyota's oldest cars, but the Prado Kakadu is still kicking.

By Daniel Wong 06 Mar Toyota soldiers on with 11yo Prado, lightly tweaking the top-spec Kakadu variant for Powered by. My Garage 0 Compare Cars. Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages Ok.

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Facebook Twitter Google Plus Mail. Read more.Updated August 02, A class action filed in the Federal Court could affect up toToyota drivers nationwide, including owners of Australia's top-selling car — the Hilux. Bannister Law and Gilbert and Tobin lawyers allege the faulty filters cause foul smoke to spew from exhausts, dramatically decrease fuel efficiency and increase wear and tear on engines.

It's not fixed, its fuel consumption is poor and they return again. Frustrated Toyota owners began calling Andrew Leimroth's specialist diesel repair garage in As well as toxic exhaust and fuel efficiency problems, Hilux, Fortuner, and Prado drivers were complaining about sudden power loss. The DPF is meant to trap and burn soot from diesel, but customers are claiming it is getting blocked, creating more wear and tear on the engine and emitting fumes from the exhaust. So we stopped at the first available opportunity.

They had to get their car towed nearly kilometres to Alice Springs where the couple waited four days to get the car fixed by the local Toyota dealer. He said he was out of pocket for accommodation and he was not satisfied with Toyota's handling of the issue. Mr Bancroft said the dealer blamed the software parameters and the engine control unit for the issue rather than the filter itself.

Just a few weeks after he purchased his brand new Toyota Hilux Diesel, he noticed the poor fuel efficiency. The Brisbane-based electrician said he had taken his car back to the dealer at least six times to address the faulty filter issue without success. Mr Bannister said his firm had been inundated with drivers saying they had been experiencing problems.

It warned him that the posts on his page were "false, misleading, inflammatory and defamatory" and ordered he take them down or face legal action.

Now, the tables have turned and Toyota Australia is itself facing a legal fight, with the class action seeking compensation for drivers. In October, the car maker launched a Customer Service Campaign offering to clean, replace, or retro-fit a switch for Hilux, Fortuna and Prado vehicles sold between June and June All customers with potentially affected vehicles were asked to contact their Toyota dealer for testing and repair free of charge.

All inspection work and replacement, if required, will be completed free of charge to the customer. On Thursday, Toyota Australia told the ABC it was unable to comment on the case "as this matter is before the courts".

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Fuel pump recall. Anyone who bought one of these models between October and April this year is being urged to contact their local Toyota dealership immediately. For further information, consumers should contact the Toyota Recall Assist helpline on Are they referring to fuel pump under the bonnet or the sender in the actual fuel tank?

If it is the one in the fuel tank, imagine many of us have all sorts of different long range tanks. This is indeed going to be a headache for Toyota Drop tank - remove old pump - slot in new pump - replace tank. This is a very small issue and is being sorted by a very large company. Chill out you lot.

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A new wearing part for free, yes thanks. For the record has anyone had a fuel pump problem? I can't remember reading that as an issue on here. I know if you drive an auto and you put one foot on the brake and the other on the accelerator and press at the same time the traction control will kick in and make the car go dead until you take your foot off one or the other.

Never heard of this new problem though. But nooooo, that would be too simple Interesting to see that only petrol series sold in Australia during that period. It is not fuel tank that is recalled, its the fuel pump. Tony2 posted that recall was announced, but in another section of the forum. I then replied to him that there is another topic in regards to that in this appropriate section. Moderator then moved his topic and all posts and merged it with this topic, but did not delete my reply to Tony2 which now once all is merged left my reply to Tony2 irrelevant.

I then edited my reply to Tony2 and left dots. Quick search of your past post shows that you have tendency to follow people on the forum and kinda annoy them myself, bushwalker, toyz Maybe you are bored or whatever the reason is man, its just not on.

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Toyota faces class action over claims Hilux, Prado have faulty diesel filters

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toyota hilux diesel fuel pump problems

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toyota hilux diesel fuel pump problems

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toyota hilux diesel fuel pump problems

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toyota hilux diesel fuel pump problems

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